For Nannie

This is a youtube video of me singing “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” dedicated to Nannie! She always used to ask me to sing every Sunday and this was one of her very favorites.


Caregivers Matter, too


When I googled “Alzheimer’s Awareness” this is what automatically comes up. November does not only represent and educate people about those who have this disease, but the caregivers as well. This has been something that has really touched and affected my family. We have been blessed with many amazing people who have stepped up and helped us take care of Nannie. Everyone in the family has had to take an active role in taking care of Nannie and it has been a group effort to make sure she’s happy and well-cared for. As of now, she has been in four different care facilities and we have experienced all the amazing and gracious people who work in this industry. If your family has a member that has Alzheimer’s, take a moment this month to appreciate those who give their time and effort to care for your loved ones. Thank you for all you do!!

Who am I today?

Mom looked at me amazed today! She told me that she couldn’t believe how much I look like her brother’s brother! It was a good day. I told her that she is my precious momma and she told me that I am her precious daughter. She doesn’t do that much anymore. It’s the little things!

Setback or Digging Herself Deeper into Dementia

“Well, that’s a pretty woman! I like her outfit.” That’s what Mom said as she stared at her reflection. I walked her today, but the walk was more bent and more somber. She had a traumatic event the other day that has caused a setback. With dementia we’re never sure whether it’s a setback or digging herself deeper into the disease. She refused to sing, and she didn’t want to talk. She was surprised when she saw her reflection. She doesn’t recognise herself. Sometimes she thinks her reflection is me. Some days are better than others!

Alzheimer’s Awareness Buttons

To raise awareness for Alzheimer’s during the month of November, I decided I needed a button I could wear to work at Academy Sports in Jonesboro. Zazzle has a huge selection of buttons that are available to customize and you can even add your own images to them! They are reasonably priced at around $3.50 per button and the shipping is very fast! If you want to order yours, this is the website:¬† I’ve already put mine on my work name tag. Mine reads: I fight to end Alzheimer’s for Jean Vaught “Nannie.” I think it’s a really cool way to show that I support this amazing cause as well as honor my wonderful grandmother. Remember to start wearing purple and thank you for supporting Alzheimer’s awareness!


Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November just happens to be Alzheimer’s Awareness month, so I had an idea to start a blog about how my family has dealt with my grandmother, Jean Vaught, being diagnosed and progressing through the stages of this terrible disease. The cool thing about this blog is that I won’t be the only one posting! My mom, sister, aunt, and cousin will all be posting their experiences and memories with Nannie as well! Since this is the first post and we are kicking off Alzheimer’s awareness month, I just want to remind everyone that their color is purple, so remember to wear that! But more than that, just say a prayer for the families dealing with this disease. It is definitely very sad and difficult, and I know that if I didn’t have my amazing family and a wonderful God I would not be able to deal with it. I’m so excited to get this started and there will be many more posts to come!